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Our Spring Pledge drive ended at 12:09pm on Monday, April 4th!  Thanks to everyone who pledged support for our drive!   In celebration of our 50th anniversary, we are offering this very special coffee mug as a premium!  And of course, our collection of KUCO logo items are also available and can be viewed here.  We invite you to make your tax-deductible gift online by clicking here and as always, thank you for supporting Classical KUCO!






KUCO 90.1 FM is the only locally programmed classical music station in the state of Oklahoma.  Our airwaves extend across central Oklahoma, much of southeastern and northwestern Oklahoma via our repeater stations, KBCW 91.9 FM in McAlester and KCSC 95.9 FM in Woodward.

The staff at KUCO is dedicated to our mission to ensure that great musical works of the past and present are not lost to future generations.  We welcome your phone calls and e-mails and hope you find information on this website that enhances your classical music experience and enriches your knowledge of arts events in the community. 

We will continue our goal to provide the community with quality programming that offers variety and listener enjoyment.  KUCO is Oklahoma's choice for classical music!





A Note from the General Manager

Dear Friends,

Ice and earthquakes.  These have been the bane of our existence over the last couple of months.  When ice covers the antenna (ice can form at the antenna level, 800 feet above the ground, even when the air remains above freezing at the ground) it becomes necessary to cut transmission power to keep from damaging the transmitter.  Last Thanksgiving we had to cut power to 5% and wait for the ice to melt.  When the ice did melt, it fell downward as rods and shattered most of the beacons and marker lights on both our campus and Oklahoma City towers.  We had both re-lamped.  A second round of ice shattered some of the newly replaced lamps on the big tower.  Re-lamp again.

Then there were two earthquakes in the course of one week.  These quakes cut of power to the UCO campus.  We have temporary backup power to the studios, but the outages lasted longer than our power could hold, so we were off-air a couple of early mornings. 

Thank you for your patience during these unexpected and unavoidable situations.  Your contributions enable us to keep our physical plant operating in spite of what nature throws at us.


Bradford Ferguson   

General Manager