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Dear Friends,

KUCO is proud to enter its 51st year of broadcasting.  Our small staff continues to work hard to bring you good programming all year long.

This spring we especially welcome our new listeners in Woodward and northwestern Oklahoma.  We completed the Woodward Upgrade Project (funded by the Rapp Foundation) in early December just in time for the holiday programming.  Our next project is to replace our main antenna in Oklahoma City which is now 35 years old.  A backup antenna was placed in service over a year ago to keep us reliable.  Down the road we need to replace our transmitters which are 30 and 20 years old, respectively.

We are also still anxious about future funding from our licensee, UCO, which continues to suffer declining support from the state.  Many of you know Higher Ed was cut 16% during the last legislative session.  We are told the 2017-2018 year may see some drastic reductions here on campus.

KUCO is responsible for two thirds of its operating budget and our listeners provide nearly half of that amount, mostly raised during our twice-yearly fund drives.  It's that time again and we hope you will continue your membership in the Better Music Club.


Bradford Ferguson, General Manager

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