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Classical KUCO is an independent public non-profit radio station, licensed by the Federal Communications Commission.  While the FCC prohibits non-commercial stations from broadcasting advertising announcements it does allow public radio stations to broadcast underwriting acknowledgements, which are a recognition of a donation made to the station.  A typical underwriting announcement includes the name and nature of the business, special products or services provided, certifications or professional designations when pertinent, number of years in business when pertinent, areas of specialization when pertinent, business address and contact information.  We also offer organizations and colleges the opportunity to promote special events, concerts and series with announcements and in all cases, these are bedded in tasteful and relevant music.


Your underwriting announcement is presented in an uncluttered broadcast setting unlike commercial radio, maximizing the impact and ultimately the effectiveness of your message.

Public radio listeners make good customers and clients!  Many Oklahoma businesses and organizations use KUCO underwriting acknowledgements to connect to our desirable listening community of 52,000 each week to establish or improve their brand, increase awareness of products, services; promote activities and events; and to supplement fund-raising campaigns. Underwriting contributions may be funded from your advertising, public relations or charitable contribution funds.

Your company or organization's message is presented in a dignified and credible manner by the Director of Production Kimberly Powell within the context of classical music programming.   KUCO underwriting acknowledgements are 20-seconds long and include the prelude, “Support for KUCO provided by”…. The FCC guidelines have certain restrictions which results in acknowledgements that are clear, concise and elegant in tone. Your business or organization can also sponsor specific programs, KUCO produced and award-winning Performance Oklahoma,  Spotlight on the Arts and more! Program specific sponsorships begin with the prelude, “Performance Oklahoma is sponsored by”… or “The Score on KUCO is sponsored by”… and are available for terms of six months or longer.

Your underwriting investment in KUCO/KBCW/KCSC demonstrates your business or organization's commitment to supporting the arts in central Oklahoma and it is tax deductible. 



KUCO is now offering streaming audio pre-roll messaging with responsive linked banner impressions, delivered concurrently while sponsor’s audio pre-roll plays to desktop, tablet and mobile users.   KUCO underwriting pre-roll messages are also 20-seconds long, include the prelude, “Support for KUCO provided by:... and are recorded by Director of Production Kimberly Powell.



To view the current KUCO media kit click here!  To learn more about underwriting with Classical KUCO, follow this link to submit an online inquiry or call Cameron Hutton at (405) 325-5926.

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